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How to buy Chloroquine online safely

Since today Chloroquine seems to be the best means of COVID-19 treatment and prophylaxis, many person keep searching for it offline and online. Unfortunately, your doctor might not prescribe you this highly effective drug, especially if you do not have a diagnosis. On the other hand, now you have a fantastic opportunity to buy Chloroquine online without a medical prescription. In order to avoid both fraud on the web and harm to your health, please mind our recommendations on safe purchase and use of the medicine.

Chloroquine for COVID-19

Before explaining the properties of the anti-inflammatory drug, we would like to give you some tips on choosing a trustworthy internet pharmacy to buy Chloroquine online. First of all, stick to those sellers who offer a wide range of different medications. Most often, online drugstores which sell the only product do not ship it at all. For your comfort, we have already picked one of the few certified internet pharmacies that has Chloroquine for Covid-19 treatment and prophylaxis in stock right now.

Chloroquine overview

An antiprotozoan medicine Chloroquine has various effects, such as immunodepressive and anti-inflammatory. Previously, doctors prescribed it to treat and prevent malaria, rheumatoid joint inflammation, scleroderma, amoebic abscess of liver and certain other dangerous conditions. Now, during the pandemic, scientists and doctors all over the world use this drug to treat and prevent COVID-19.

Mind that no one had time to fully study the effect of the medicine on the human body. At the same time, seems like it really inhibits the new virus. Moreover, Chloroquine reduces fever and inflammation in coronavirus patients. Its effectiveness has been already proved in various lab studies and on real Covid-19 patients. Still, be careful when self-medicating, because the drug might cause serious side effects, especially in patients with renal and liver failure.

Chloroquine uses and dosage

Take Chloroquine orally. Its uses and dosage depend on whether you intend to prevent or treat Covid-19 virus. Below, you will find basic recommendations on choosing the right dose.

Chloroquine doses

If you prefer to buy Chloroquine online, stick to the basic rules for taking the medicine for malaria prevention and treatment. To treat coronavirus, it may be enough to take the drug for three days, lowering the dose every day.

In patients who weigh less than 60 kg (132 lbs), the first dose should be 10 mg/kg per day. The next doses are as following: 5 mg/kg six hours after the first dose, 5 mg/kg 24 hours after the first dose, and 5 mg/kg 36 hours after the first dose.

Those who weigh more should take 600 mg initially, 300 mg in 6 to 8 hours after the first dose, and 300 mg once a day on the next two consecutive days.

For prophylaxis, take 300 mg once a week.

Important information about Chloroquine

Do not take Chloroquine if you have severe vision diseases, liver or kidney failure, or heart disease. Please mind that this medicine, like any other pharmacological substance, could cause allergic reaction. Stop taking the drug if your state worsens.

Chloroquine side effects and interactions

No matter whether you buy Chloroquine online or take it after visiting a doctor, read the instructions for use before you start the treatment.


First of all, never use this medication with alcohol. It not only destroys COVID-19 in the human body, but also affects liver and kidneys. So, such a therapy in case of alcohol abuse might lead to serious side effects. In addition, do not take Chloroquine with an antacid or Kaopectate (kaolin-pectin) and Ampicillin antibiotic. If you need to take these medicines as well, make 4 to 6 hour pause between them.

Chloroquine side effects

The most common side effects of Chloroquine include vision changes, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite, changes in skin and hair color, and muscle weakness. Seek for emergency if such side effects persist, or if you notice other changes.

Chloroquine prices

The advantages of this medicine include not only its great potential in treating and preventing the new virus, but also its price. If you buy Chloroquine online, you have to pay just around $40 for a 30-pill pack. Those who prefer to save money and pay less per pill by purchasing the largest package, will spend about $270. In addition, you can count on other bonuses, such as discount coupon code which you can find on the top of this page.

Chloroquine reviews

According to recent studies and experimental treatment in Covid-19 clinics all over the world, this medicine might help to prevent getting infected, relieve the symptoms, and even totally treat the virus. Of course, the medication does not help literally everyone, but now we all need at least some hope.