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Although this medication wad invented as an anti-epileptic drug, or an anticonvulsant, many people buy Lyrica online to use it for various conditions. On this page, you will learn how to take these pills correctly. Also, you will find out where to buy the medicine, and get answers to other frequently asked questions.

Answers to common questions about Lyrica

Here you will find the most popular user requests concerning this medication, known primarily as a powerful pain relief and anxiety drug. For depression, use other means.

Can I use Lyrica (Pregabalin) as a pain killer?

In many cases, this drug actually works as a painkiller. Unfortunately, not every patient can use it successfully. First of all, Lyrica helps with epileptic seizures by suppressing the corresponding impulses in the brain. In addition, the medication affects the chemicals that send pain signals through the nervous system.

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Due to these properties, the tablets easily cope with pain caused by fibromyalgia, spinal cord injuries, and other nerve pain. However, neuropathic pains accompany many other diseases, too. Moreover, quite often, the doctor cannot quickly determine the true source of pain.

So, if other remedies fail, Lyrica can become a lifesaver. If the doctor refuses to write you a prescription, you can always buy Lyrica online and try its effect on yourself. If you follow the instructions, pay attention to drug interactions and have no contraindications, you risk nothing but having slight side effects.

Does it work for anxiety?

Although the drug has been well known for a long time, scientists have discovered its anti-anxiety properties recently. Patients quickly learned about its magical effect, and began to successfully deal with anxiety and associated nervous disorders with the help of these pills and capsules. Moreover, many celebrities who have no problem accessing any drugs also buy Lyrica online to feel and look better.

Doctors often prescribe this medication to patients with suspected generalized anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, specialists still rarely make this very common diagnosis. However, if you are experiencing persistent anxiety, this may be the remedy you need.

However, keep in mind that treating anxiety will require higher doses of the substance than treating neurological pain. For example, to prevent relapse, you need to take 450 mg of Pregabalin per day. At the same time, avoid long-term treatments. Lyrica will be most effective if you take it in short courses to relieve exacerbations of anxiety.

Where can I buy Lyrica online?

Theoretically, you can buy this drug at a regular local drugstore. But many cannot do this for the reasons given below. However, you can try talking to your doctor and taking a series of medical exams to get your prescription. So, an easier way is to buy Lyrica online from one of the certified internet pharmacies. You can find links on our website. Moreover, our partners sell the medicine you need at very attractive prices. Just compare them with others, and you will be really surprised.

Can I buy Lyrica online without a medical prescription?

Unfortunately, Pregabalin (Lyrica) requires a prescription. Moreover, in some states and countries, it is equated with potent substances and even addictive drugs. In fact, you can take this medication only to treat severe nerve pain and anxiety disorders. There is no point in using it to get high.

Buy Lyrica online

Pregabalin side effects to be aware of

Let’s try to figure out why some include this medication in the list of addicted drugs. First of all, this happens because of its high efficiency and certain side effects. In particular, patients with serious mental disorders may not tolerate Pregabalin well. As practice shows, some of them have suicidal thoughts. On the other hand, many people can cope with anxiety only with this particular medication.

Other Lyrica, more common side effects include drowsiness, fatigue and dizziness. At the same time, anxiety disorders and nervous diseases accompanied by pain have the same effects. In addition, some patients complain of blurred vision, headache, digestive problems (constipation) and weight gain while taking Pregabalin. You will find the full list of side effects on the label.