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How to buy Premarin online safely

First of all, this medicine is used to alleviate the condition of women during menopause. However, many decide to take the drug even before the bad symptoms of female aging appear. Anyway, today, more and more women over their teens face the question of how to buy Premarin online safely. As for internet pharmacies, where you can purchase the medicine even without a prescription, we constantly select the best manufacturers and sellers of Premarin and other vital drugs for our site visitors. Regarding the proper use of the medication, the responsibility lies entirely on you.

So, to select a web pharmacy where you can buy Premarin online, just click on one of the links on our website. If you want to find another drugstore, please pay attention not only to prices, but also to some other issues. The main features of a trustworthy internet pharmacy include a wide range of products, positive feedback from regular customers, and convenience of site navigation. In addition, always mind the terms of delivery and payment methods available. But most importantly, remember: before starting the treatment, carefully read the instructions for using the drug on our website or on the package label. We hope this medicine will help you live a full life!

Premarin overview

Premarin is a drug containing conjugated estrogens for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in women with the symptoms of menopause. Particularly, it eases such symptoms as hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Later, after menopause, it also helps prevent osteoporosis.

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Premarin exists since 1941. People say it is rather expensive because it has no generic versions. However, cheaper generic estrogens are available, too. In fact, the price for Premarin is reasonable, because of its high efficiency, and because of its production costs. Anyway, better compare prices in different pharmacies to save money.

Premarin uses and dosage

Menopause unpleasant symptoms are caused by decreasing natural estrogen production. Therefore, replacement therapy reduces these symptoms by providing the body with female hormones. Premarin fights vaginal dryness, hot day and night flashes, and irritation related to menopause.

Premarin doses

The drug is available in different forms, and tablets (especially 0.3 mg and 0.625 mg Premarin pills) are most popular among them. Usual doctor’s advice for menopause symptoms treatment is 0.3 mg of Premarin daily for 25 days, with a 5-day pause before the next course, or for 21 days with a weak break before the next course. The dosage may be increased if the symptoms do not improve.

Important information for those who buy Premarin online

Take Premarin without food or, if you want to prevent possible stomach upset, with food. Do not try to dissolve, crush or chew these tablets. Just swallow the whole pill.

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For better results it is extremely important to take Premarin regularly, better at the same time each day, and exactly as your doctor tells you.

Premarin side effects and interactions


Tell your doctor about your medical conditions and other medications and supplements you take before starting HRT.

Particularly, it may be unsafe to take this medication if you have breast cancer, asthma, blood clots (or if you are at a risk of developing blood clots), or vaginal bleeding. Also, make sure you are not allergic to Premarin.

Keep in mind that Premarin may interact with certain herbal supplements for blood thinning, and with a wide range of other drugs. Among them are Tipranavir (Aptivus) that treats HIV infection, some cancer drugs, seizures and diabetes medications, and antidepressants, including Cymbalta (duloxetine).

In addition, avoid taking Premarin along with alcohol and grapefruit juice.

Side effects

Most common Premarin side effects include weight loss, nausea and vomiting, headaches, mood changes, vaginal bleeding, blood pressure and blood sugar changes, skin rash and acne, hair loss, and hair growth in unusual areas.

The drug may increase the risk of endometrial cancer, as well as the risk of stroke, heart attack, blood clots, and some other diseases.

Before you buy Premarin online: Prices

When you buy Premarin online, you usually have to pay about $110 for one course 28-pills package of 0.3 mg version of the drug.

Premarin user reviews

Despite of the possible side effects, women find Premarin highly effective and worth taking on a regular basis. They notice that in addition to easing such menopause symptoms as vaginal dryness and hot flashes this medication fights depression. Moreover, most women say other HRT drugs work much worse than Premarin, and have more side effects.