Maria Sharapova: Everybody is taking Meldonium in Russia

Famous Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova told everybody is taking Meldonium in Russia, and explained why she used the drug.

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Meldonium is a banned substance from the list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

After a long break Sharapova returned to the big sport. Earlier, she admitted that she had been taking Mildronate for a long time. Tennis player was disqualified for two years, but later the term was reduced.

Sharapova taking Meldonium

In March 2016, Sharapova admitted at a press conference that her dope test for Meldonium was positive. Masha said she missed the update of the WADA’s list of banned substances, so her doping test was positive.

Sharapova: I was taking Meldonium

  • Tell us, what was it like to return to court after such a long break?
  • I felt that I really missed the court. It was a very special feeling.
  • You started taking Meldonium when it was not a prohibited drug. Why?
  • After my first tournament in Wimbledon I felt bad, and my father took me to a pediatrician in Russia. I was examined, and the doctor found some heart problems. Therefore, the doctor recommended a number of preventive supplements,including meldonium. In fact, Mildronate was widely used in Russia. For many years we received certificates proving it was absolutely legal.
  • How painful was it for you when you learned that you will be banned from playing?
  • Very, very painful. But the most unpleasant feeling was uncertainty.
  • Since you returned to the court, have you been tested for doping?
  • Yes, several times.


Masha’s new goals

  • Women participating in big tournaments earn as much as male tennis players, but it doesn’t work like this in smaller competitions. Would you like women to earn as much as men in tennis?
  • Of course.
  • You achieved the title of the first racket of the world for five times. Can you win the main tournament now?
  • I’d really like to. It is my goal. Of course, I have many other purposes. I was lucky to win five major tournaments. But I still try to keep this attitude, as if I did not win a single victory.

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